Dual degree will be offered by the Universities of Portsmouth and Edith Cowan.

Dual Degree

Portsmouth University in the United Kingdom and Edith Cowan University in Australia have collaborated to provide five new dual degrees programmes established jointly by the two schools.

Students will earn two degrees, one from Portsmouth and one from Edith Cowan, while benefiting from the teaching skills, research, and resources of each university.

Another programme, with two distinct routes in the global media and communications department, will go live in 2022, the titles of which are still being “finalised.”

In terms of finances, students pay full tuition at the university where they complete years one, two, and four of a four-year degree, while paying “reduced costs as an exchange student” at the other school.

It’s worth noting that both programs, at either end, have gone through the lengthy process of designing whole new courses from start to make this feasible, noted Simon Ridings, deputy vice-chancellor international at Edith Cowan University

He also mentioned that it has allowed for staggered commencement.

It’s one of the things it’s compelled us to do… Students have asked whether they may transfer to this degree, and we’ve told them that if they transfer now, there’s no reason to think they’ll be allowed to go to the UK. But, of course, the intent has been so strong that we’ve already had a large number of individuals express interest in enrolling in these classes.

The collaboration is unusual… When we think of Australia, we typically think of them as a primary rival of the United Kingdom, thus this demonstrates how we can actually be complementary to one another.

Jazreel Goh, the British Council’s Malaysia director, was also present and stated that when discussing institution relationships in general, a “exit strategy” should be discussed.

When you go in, you go in with good intentions and a solid and robust business purpose.

“However, you must also have an exit strategy in place because otherwise you would not be clear on the why, what, and how if it does not work out.”

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