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Study Abroad

Planning to study abroad is a decisive decision for every student keeping in mind the study abroad destination, finances and accommodation, documentation and your interest in the program. you will also need to accustom your mindset. Moreover, moving to a different country requires mental preparation and logistical planning in equal measure. 

With international universities bringing practice-based learning to the fore, students these days are more interested to join the global workplaces, with broader understanding of the environment, and better placed to face the real world.

Initial steps to start with study abroad process

Plan earlier

A founder of an educational consultant said that; The first step is to contact the university’s study abroad or global education office and then begin to start researching. Not building the correct foundation is the biggest mistake that students make” therefore it is always advisable to get the process done by an educational consultant if you are confused regarding the university and the process as it will be the life changing decision for your career. Applying prior to the deadline can help students to get scholarships for bachelors or master programs in their aspiring field. 

Meeting the Admission Requirements:

When selecting a university, it is essential to understand the university’s requirements and eligibility criteria to get enrolled in the desired program and avail the scholarship. To study in an English speaking country, international students are required to submit an English proficiency test such as IELTS and TOEFL. It is mandatory by the university and the immigration offices but in rare cases some of the universities allow international students to study abroad without Ielts if they are meeting the academic criteria of the university. 

Getting Student Visa for Study Abroad: 

Visa is required to go abroad in any country for any purpose. The issuance of the study visa can take from a few weeks to a few months! This is why you should apply early on so that you won’t miss the beginning of your studies abroad.

Scholarships for Pakistani students:

If you apply on time, there are a number of scholarships to study abroad, university grants, and bursaries that can help ease their financial burden. These provisions are primarily need-based or merit-based. Several academic institutions even provide partial scholarships to students to help them with their studies. Students can look for a suitable scholarship before or while applying to the college of their choice and club it with their education loan.

Part-time Work Opportunities during Study Abroad:

Every country allows international students to work part-time, it is always a great idea to consider it for extra income. Students can check the minimum wage in the country they are living in and apply for part-time jobs. Most countries have a 20-hour per week rule for students who wish to work part-time.

Career development after graduation:

A great exposure and a name of foreign university on your resume boost up the chance to get a good career opportunity in abroad as well as in Pakistan with a sound payroll. It leads international students to perform better with diversified knowledge and polished skills.

Our educational consultants will guide with your suitable option so get it started with the free consultation ASAP. The norm of winning such scholarships is increasing day by day among the Pakistani youth, and it should be encouraged.

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