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Australia Gives Hope To International Students

Australia Gives Hope To International Students

Australia Gives Hope To International Students. The majority (71%) of international education leaders across Australia’s institutions expect foreign students to return in 2022, but only in the second semester. According to a poll of 200 university officials, 71% believe that students will be able to return to Australia in substantial numbers in 2022, but only in semester two. In semester one, 16% predicted that meaningful numbers would return.
The remaining 13% predicted that overseas students will not return in 2022.

On October 6, the education consultant conducted the research at the 2021 AIEC. Overall, respondents were optimistic about the nation remaining a desirable place to study in 2022, with 64 percent indicating they were optimistic and 31 percent extremely optimistic. Only 6% of those polled were negative about it being a desirable location. Leaders are confident that the government would recognise more student vaccinations a week after the country’s Therapeutic Goods Administration recognised Sinovac and Covishield on October 1.

It is heartening to note that, after one and a half years of significant problems, 95 percent of Australian education sector executives view Australia as a favourable or very positive study location. Australian universities are optimistic about the government’s acceptance of imported Covid-19 vaccinations. According to the poll, 57 percent of respondents were “extremely eager” to go to important recruitment markets in 2022, while 36 percent were “moderately willing.” Approximately 84 percent of those polled had previously been completely immunised against Covid-19, with 12 percent having received their first dosage.

It’s encouraging to note that the vast majority of leaders in Australian international education are setting a good example, with 84 percent already properly vaccinated against Covid-19.

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