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Study in Turkey

Students can study in Turkey without IELTS and with high chances of scholarships.

Find Out Why Study in Turkey is best option for International Students.

More than 220,000 international students chose to study in Turkey every year to pursue their bachelors, masters or PhD. There are 183 higher education institutions in Turkey, 109 of which are state universities, with the remaining 74 being private non-profit institutions. There are 2 of Turkey’s universities in the 2022 QS World University Rankings top 600. Top universities of Turkey offer scholarships for Pakistani students to study in Turkey and a number of exchange programs are also offered by Pakistani institutes which are held by specific universities to provide maximum learning opportunity for students of all fields. 

Here are some Key benefits of studying in Turkey.

  • Study in Turkey with/Without Ielts
  • Experience true diversity
  • Study gap acceptable for Pakistani students
  • Job opportunities after degree
  • Highest Study visa ratio to Turkey
  • Reasonably-priced accommodation

High Quality Education

There are 208 universities in Turkey with a population of 84 million. The number of students is more than 8 million. With this number of students, Turkey is the first country with the most students in European Higher Education Area. There are more than 45.000 different programs at 208 universities. Turkey is one of the most successful countries participating in the exchange programs under Erasmus +. 

Qs World University rankings 2022
study in turkey

Scholarships Opportunities in Turkey 

Turkey Scholarships allow international students to be placed in the university in their intended application program. With this feature, it differs from other scholarship programs in the world. The aim of Turkey Scholarships is to ensure that students benefit from social and cultural activities during their time in Turkey as well as university education. This Scholarship Program also covers the needs of students such as accommodation and health insurance during the education period.

Popular tourist destination

Turkey, home to two wonders of the ancient world, has a rich history. It has historic sites related to the civilizations of Roman, Greek Byzantine, and Ottoman. Its people are hospitable and friendly, and local cuisine is famous for its taste.
English is widely spoken in main tourist centres such as Istanbul.

Turkey is also blessed with natural wonders, making this country a popular holiday destination.

Popular tourist destination
Low cost of living in turkey

Low cost of living

Student cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir ranked 240th, 278th, 291st in Numbeo’s Cost of Living comparison, thus offering international students affordable study options.
Students can opt for private accommodation, shared private rental accommodation, or on-campus dormitories.
Students should budget, keeping in mind the cost of living in Turkey. International students will spend around $400- 500 on average on accommodation, food, clothing, transportation, and telephone.

Books and administrative fees will cost $100- 150 per semester.

Work Opportunity while study in Turkey

There are several internships opportunities available for international students which provide both exposure and experience in working in a Turkish organization.International students can work on a part-time basis. Career advisors at universities can guide regarding finding jobs in Turkey for Pakistani students.

Work During Your Studies

Top Universities in Turkey

Book your appointment to get free assistance from best educational consultants in Karachi to study in Turkey with the hassle-free application process securing Turkish study visa easily. 


An estimated cost to study in Turkey for Bachelors in English: 3500– 12000 Turkish lira per academic year. For Masters in English: 4500– 7000 Turkish lira per academic year.

There are different types of work permits such as short-term, perpetual, independent work and are given by the General Directorate of International Labour.

Universities in Turkey have low tuition fees as compared to most European. public university offers study programs for $600-1500 annually and postgraduate degree programs for a total of US$300-800.

You can continue your education in Turkish, English or other languages at the universities, where high-quality education is given at a global level, and work in Turkey to develop your career.

The visa fee for a single entry into Turkey is 758.90 TL. It costs 2.542,20 TL to submit an application for multiple entries. Turkey Student VISA fee is US$45.

If you have all required documents completed and available for Online Turkey Scholarship Application then move on and begin your online application for Turkey Government Scholarship 2022-2023. There is no application fee for a Turkish government scholarship.

As a general rule in Turkey, universities accept foreign students with the YÖS exam. However, some universities accept students to undergraduate programs with a high school diploma score without the YÖS exam.

You can Study in Turkey without IELTS

Apply To Study in Turkey From Pakistan

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