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Applying for Study abroad from Pakistan sounds like a hassle. The hard-drawn visa processes, lengthy applications and all the stress around finances. However, what if we told you that we are lifting off your burdens?

Crossroad Consultants bring you an opportunity to fulfill your dream of studying abroad. We are here to facilitate you throughout your application. We make your study abroad processes hassle-free and get you to study in top ranked universities around the world. While staying abroad, you can achieve academic goals, familiarize yourself with different cultures, languages, and environment.

We can help you from visa facilitation to accommodation arrangements and IELTS preparation to interview preparations. Our experienced career consultants can guide you about various career opportunities and scholarship options.

Best Countries To Study Abroad From Pakistan

Considering the current state of the educational sector, every third student seeks to study abroad at the most economical budget.

we make your study abroad process hassle-free and get you to a number of study abroad programs at top ranked universities around the world. While staying abroad, you can achieve academic goals, familiarize yourself with different cultures, languages, and environments.
We provide all our services under one roof, starting from career counseling till the time you fly.
Our expert educational consultants do extra efforts to fulfill your aspiration of study abroad with career opportunities and scholarship options.

Our educational consultants understand that different students have different aptitude, grades, ambitions and budget when it comes to making a choice of country for foreign studies. We are fully equipped to help to find the right academic route for you.

FAQs about Study Abroad

Study abroad gives you the best experience of higher education standards which is not available in Pakistan. Moreover, it gives you the chance of meeting people of different cultures, ethnicity and class.
Every country has a different deadline and within the country, every university has a different deadline. You should apply as soon as possible so that you have many options in terms of countries or university to apply for.

Try to keep your percentage high (above 60%) to get registered in any country abroad. For more information kindly fill the form

The unique Graduate Pathway program is a pre-program Master’s that offers foreign students a straight path to the university’s different graduate degrees. The program provides students with the academic background, necessary language abilities, and GMAT/GRE exam preparation needed to progress to the Master’s degree.

Certain requirements need to be taken care of while applying for universities in any country. First of all, you should have all the educational documents right from the Matric/O levels certificate till you have studied. Secondly, you should have English proficiency letter/IELTS to strengthen your application and lastly, you have enough budget which differs from country to country and university to university

It depends on which country or university you are applying for. For example, we have shorter courses options like the UK which takes 1 year for the master program and 3 years for bachelors. However, Italy is free but it takes 2-3 years for masters

English is the only language that you have to speak or understand to enroll in any top-ranked university in any country.
If you are applying to continue your studies abroad then yes you have to apply for a student visa and get enrolled in the top-ranked universities abroad and get quality higher education
Cost depends on which country or university you are applying for. There are some universities which give fully funded scholarships while some give merit-based scholarships, 50% scholarships. So it all depends on universities.
Some countries give free accommodation from which you can rent a house or rent a shared apartment which will be less costly or sometimes there are hostels available within the university
It all depends on the university you are applying for. if you are applying in one of the best universities then yes it will be costly but there are some scholarships program which can wave off your fees to make it less expensive
Yes, students with ordinary grades are eligible to study abroad. Universities don’t only look at GPA; they also consider a student’s extracurricular activities. Your SOP, as well as other documentation, are crucial. Aside from that, you have the option of enrolling in pathway programs.

Foreign universities allow scholarship and accommodation but it doesn’t make it free of cost for international students, however one can grant a loan for education as well.

Students can avail various resources to find study abroad scholarships: university websites, online scholarship databases, official study abroad pages for individual countries, and so on.

Considering the QS world ranking, career prospects of the students defining their preference, every country holds a recognized degree in the world.

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