Study in Germany

Germany provides low-cost living, top-ranked universities with chances of scholarships.

Find out Why Germany is the Best Destination to Study

Government scholarships

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is a partner of the HEC, Pakistan. Students can apply for DAAD scholarships for master, PhD and Post Docs. Another scholarship, Deutschlandstipendium, offers funding of EUR 300 to students with bright potential.

Gateway to Europe

Germany is located in the middle of Europe and offers international students a chance to visit historic sites and landmarks throughout Europe.

Low Cost Of Living​

Students can choose from a variety of accommodations such as private accommodation, shared private rental accommodation and on-campus dormitories. Students should budget, keeping in mind the cost of living in Germany:

Study While Work

International students can work on a part-time basis. Career advisors at universities can guide regarding finding jobs in Germany for Pakistani students. International students from non-EU countries can work 120 full days or 240 half days per year.

Top Universities in Germany


  • International students must apply for a residence permit after completion of studies. With the residence permit, students can stay in Germany for 18 months after they have graduated.
  • Living alone: 360 EUR/month
  • Living on-campus: 150-240 EUR/month
  • Utilities: 200 EUR/month
  • Internet pass: 27 EUR/month
  • Food: 170 EUR/month
  • Public transport pass for students: 30 – 60 EUR/month

A number of private universities in Germany offer degree courses in English, making studies easier for international students.
International students also get a chance to learn German which is one of the official European Union languages and corporate language of most German companies. This leads to improved job prospects in and outside of Germany.

Public universities in Germany have no tuition fees for foreign students regardless of their country of origin. The only requirements are a small administrative semester fee and residence permit.

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