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Study in Sweden To Brighter Your Future

Leading universities in the European country.

Find out the benefits of Study in Sweden

Sweden is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe offering high quality education and learning environment to international students. Swedish universities mainly focus on student development and group work. The education system in Sweden is student-centric especially for those who wish to study in Sweden on scholarship. We are known as the best educational consultants for Sweden in Karachi with the highest Sweden visa ratio for Pakistani students. Leading our students to world of opportunities in the best countries to study abroad for Pakistani students. 
Listening some significant characteristics every student gets for bachelors and master
programs in Sweden;

  • Focuses more on your academic interests than pushing you to achieve a grade
  • Study in Sweden with/Without Ielts
  • Experience true diversity
  • Study gap acceptable for Pakistani students
  • Job opportunities after degree.

Affordable Student Life in Sweden

According to a survey conducted in 2016, Sweden ranked as the 2nd affordable country for students to study and 30 top ranked universities out of 200 in Sweden Qs ranking 2022. It considered the low tuition fee and cost of living. Other than this, there are a number of opportunities to study in Sweden for Pakistani students. The best thing about Sweden for International students is that they can move to Sweden with your family and settle there with full accommodations after getting work permit authority. Although it has observed the difficult task of finding a job in Sweden, they assure a good pay rate. 

student life in sweden
Study in Sweden

Study Gap Acceptable

Swedish universities give you admission even if you have study gaps. This means you can study in some of the best universities in the world, without compromising on your future plans.
Study in Sweden without IELTS

Study Without IELTS And GRE

Renowned universities such as Uppsala University require no additional IELTS and GRE.
For Pakistani students, its criterion includes simply a bachelor’s degree from a university where the medium of instruction is English.
For Pakistani students, Swedish Council for Higher Education states that if the student’s bachelor’s degree is equivalent to a Swedish Kandidatexamen in the disciplines of Computer Science, Engineering, Computer Applications, Pharmacy, Medicine, Natural Sciences or Technology, then it meets the English requirement.

99% visa ratio

Securing a visa for Sweden is easy, with a high success rate. Students wishing to enroll in programs longer than six months must get a ‘residence permit for studies’. The fastest and easiest way to get the residence permit is to apply through the Swedish Migration Agency’s website.

Immigration to Australia from pakistan
Travel with family in Sweden

Residence Permit For Family​

Once you get the residence permit to look for work, you can also apply for residence permits for your family. They will get permits for the same period as yours.

It is required that you have a residence permit to study at a university or university college and your family must be able to support themselves during their stay in Sweden.

Jobs In Sweden

After graduation, students can apply for an extension in the residence permit for as long as 6 months, in order to search for a job or start a company. Sweden offers many perks such as childcare, maternity leaves and paternity leaves, relaxed work environment and 40- hour workweek.

Currently, Sweden has the lowest unemployment rate in 10 years, making it easier to find jobs in Sweden for Pakistani students.

Jobs In Sweden

Study In Sweden Requirements for International Students

With over 60 Bachelor’s and 900 Master’s degrees on our portals, requirements are different depending on the programs.

For bachelor programs, students must have proof of high school completion and International English proficiency Certificate. Similarly, for master programs, students require a bachelor’s degree from an internationally recognized University, which is equivalent to a Swedish Kandidatexamen. Also, English proficiency proof through IELTS (5.5-6.5), TOEFL (minimum 575), or CAE/CPE are required. The requirements for postgraduate programs are the same.

Although, If you want to study in Sweden without IELTS you need to submit documents that prove your previous degree completion is in the English language.

Contrary, Sweden also allows students to get Free Education in sweden under specific eligibility criteria once he/she get the work permit meeting the requirements:

  • Have a valid passport
  • Have completed at least 30 credits in university college studies or one semester of postgraduate studies in Sweden.
  • Have been offered terms of employment and salary packages that are at least on par with those set by Swedish collective agreements.
  • Have been offered a market competitive salary package before taxes.

Top Universities in Sweden


Swedish universities is that the PhD is free for all students regardless of citizenship. The student doesn’t have to pay any tuition fee. Students are also offered a monthly stipend. Swedish universities usually list PhD positions as paid positions.

Sweden have been ranked for the best non-native English speakers in the world. It creates a friendly culture in sweden universities for international students.

Sweden allows students to work alongside their studies. Students in a study-abroad programme in the UK can work just 20 hours a week. In the United States, students on an F 1 visa cannot go for off-campus employment.

In contrast, Sweden places no official limitation on students with regards to work. It is however recommended that the students make education their top priority as students typically have a 40-hour workweek of coursework, reading and assignments.

To get into the best university to study in Sweden , the 1st thing is to compare programs, scholarships and course outline. It is always advisable to choose the quality and reputation of the program, choosing the right according to passion and requirement of your chosen field. As it leads to developing the skill set for the corporate world.
Until now, Sweden has been one of the most influential countries offering fully funded scholarships for international students, low tuition universities in Sweden are among the few countries of Europe where you study for free i-e scholarships granted by the Swedish government for students outside Europe.
To get into the top universities in Sweden, an international student requires to qualify the IELTS for Sweden universities. However, many government universities allow international students to study in Sweden without ielts but meeting the other educational requirements to study in sweden.
Sweden has ranked as the 2nd affordable country for students to study. It has low tuition fee and cost of living to study in Sweden for non-eu students as compared to other countries. one year’s tuition fee could be as low as SEK 80,000. Or as high as SEK 295,000.
Being an international student, you are allowed to work during studies in Sweden if you have your residence permit (student visa). During studies, you can avail a 40 hour work permit to manage your expenditures.
Securing a visa for Sweden is easy, with a 99% success visa ratio to study in Sweden for Pakistani students.
International students have a residence permit for studies in higher degree in Sweden and after completing studies they can get a permanent residency authority to seek employment or explore the possibilities of starting their own business or continuing for a settlement option.
Swedish educational institutions provide an exciting as well as open environment, with a strong focus on cooperation. It helps students to build up a strong skill set to turn theories into practice.
Sweden allows international students to bring families on sweden student visa for the same period as the period duration of their study. If the validity of the permit is more than 6 months, the spouse/dependent obtains the work permit, further residency permits in sweden can be applied if all necessary educational requirements are fulfilled

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