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Australian Universities rankings depend on their tution fees

Australian Universities rankings depend on their tution fees

Australian Universities rankings depend on their tution fees, a current detailed study of the Australian university sector found a substantial link between worldwide university rankings and foreign student fees in the country.

According to a research by the Australian education marketing and data analysis company Studymove, there is a substantial correlation on average between an Australian university’s rating and the amount of fees it charges overseas students.

According to Keri Ramirez, executive director of Studymove, this link has been consistent over the previous five years.

Despite the fact that Covid-19 has been a big disruptor for the HE industry, Ramirez believes that university rankings will continue to be a primary defining element in determining prices for foreign students in 2022.

He suggested that colleges take a flexible approach to determining prices for the upcoming academic year, given the various factors and uncertainties that are now in play.

This was the topic of a recent webinar hosted by Studymove, which was attended by over 100 people, the majority of whom were student recruiting, marketing, and planning experts from 30 Australian and New Zealand institutions.

The debate emphasised the need of institutions being pragmatic in their planning and vision towards 2022.

Universities, for example, may utilise a pricing differentiation approach across their various programmes for undergrad, postgrad, and foreign exchange students, since all of these categories saw fluctuations in demand and graduation numbers during the epidemic.

One of the main conclusions was the high chance of international travel opening up in the coming year, as well as the potential of significant numbers of overseas students being allowed to come to Australia by the later part of 2022.

As a result, stakeholders advised that colleges examine their pricing practises in greater depth.
Participants also predicted that colleges will continue to help international students who face travel limitations in the first half of 2022 by providing fee exemptions and scholarships.

It is expected that university rankings will continue to be a significant factor in determining university prices in 2022.

Universities may also look more closely at rankings by discipline area in order to better position themselves against competition.

Furthermore, it is predicted that potential foreign students would look at university employability rankings and graduate results, as they increasingly choose programmes that improve professional outcomes, according to the debate and the study.

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