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Best Destinations to study abroad masters for Pakistani Students

Scholarships in Romania

Your Master’s degree is the last and most important educational qualification of your life. Therefore it is crucial part to decide and get registered in best country for masters abroad in the top ranked university. A master’s degree is a make it or break it deal when it comes to your dream job or career. In this blog we’ll share some of the best locations to pursue your study master’s degree. When it comes to master’s opportunities, most universities have more master’s degree options than bachelor’s as international students prefer to study master’s abroad after completing bachelors in their home country. It is financially more feasible for students and their parents to finance two or one year of education rather than 4 years. Furthermore after your master’s you can directly start to look for jobs, then to be in dilemma that should you pursue masters or gain work experience after a bachelor’s degree.

Commonly asked question by Pakistani students is “which country is best for masters degree?
read out this blog and explore your most desirable country with crossroad consultants!

7. Italy

Italy is one of the few countries that offers free education to Pakistani Students which is of high quality, Italy’s public universities have state of the art campuses with a lot of facilities where students from all over Europe come to study. Italy’s has rich history, culture and tourist engulf the country during holiday season. Study in Italy is by far one of the most cost effective ways a Pakistani Student can get their masters as the living cost too is low compared to other countries.

(Scholarships in Italy are available on conditional basis I.E socio economic disadvantage)

6. Sweden

Sweden is a welfare state and is a perfect Study Abroad destination for Pakistani Students to pursue their masters. Sweden offers based on conditions which can be meet with in a year of staying there. Sweden has well developed, structured cities and because of its location in Scandinavia it has ample amount of scenic beauty such as country escapes to explore. Some of the world’s best technology universities are located there such as KTH royal institute, Lund University or University of Gothenburg.

(Scholarships in the Sweden are available on conditional basis I.E socio economic disadvantage, athletic prowess, academic excellence)

5. Germany

At the heart of Europe, a Master’s degree in Germany is a great choice for Pakistani Students as it has 50 universities in the QS ranking and many others too. Germany is a welfare state and is one of the very few countries offering free education to Pakistani Students at its public universities. However there is catch which is you will have to learn German to enjoy a free study abroad experience in Germany.

(Scholarships in Germany are available on conditional basis I.E socio economic disadvantage, athletic prowess, academic excellence)

4. Australia

Many Pakistani Students choose Australia as there Study Abroad destination for their master’s degree, admission in Australian Universities is very easy as and they don’t require exceptional academic records. Australian universities are some of the most highest ranked in the QS ranking. Student Visas in Australia  have a good ratio and the chances of rejection by the embassy are quite low. Australia with its gold coast and Sydney Opera house has some of the most beautiful places to visit. Job Opportunities are countless for part time or full time seekers as Australia needs skilled technicians and has the 12th largest economy in the world. Study in Australia, can be a great venture for Pakistani Students as Australia is very accepting of International Students and you’ll right in as it values inclusion and diversity. Australia’s International Student community gets a lot of recognition especially South Asian students.

(Scholarships in Australia are available on conditional basis I.E socio economic disadvantage, athletic prowess, academic excellence)

3. Canada

Just like Australia, Canada has some of the highest ranked universities in the QS ranking for masters, a Canadian degree has a high global recognition. Moreover, Pakistanis have settled there at mass, according to 2016 Canadian Census 220,000 Pakistanis live in Canada. Canada is one of the most peaceful countries in the world and has the 10th largest economy in the world. After your masters you’ll get another year to look for a job which is sufficient time and then potentially can settle there long term.

(Scholarships in Canada are available on conditional basis I.E socio economic disadvantage, athletic prowess, academic excellence)

2. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom historically has been the hub of education and many great personalities of Pakistan have gained education from UK. Every year thousands of Pakistani students flock to study in UK for their Master’s degree as it has international recognition and high value in the job market, moreover it is a one year degree hence the total cost of studying there is way lower than other countries which have two year masters degree. Moreover Study in UK without IELTS is also an option if your previous institute can provide an English Proficiency Letter. Study in Uk is can be a huge learning experience as parts of UK are very diverse and you can meet people from all around the world that would end up putting a glow in your personality as you have an idea how to interact with people who have a different set of belief and culture. Some of the Cheapest Universities in UK include Coventry University, University of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire New University.

(Scholarship for Pakistani Students are available on conditional basis I.E socio economic disadvantage, athletic prowess, academic excellence)

1. USA

United States of America is by far the best study abroad destination in the world for Pakistani students for their Master’s degree, The United States has a plethora of Universities to select far from, more than any other country. 5 of the top 10 universities in the world according to the QS ranking are from USA that shows the consistency in which US universities have dominated world university rankings for a long time. United States of America has the number one economy in the world and its size is vast so looking for a job post study won’t be a problem. Moreover enrolling for masters in USA for Pakistani students in engineering program in the US pay the best compared to others while USA is also popular for its medical and business degrees it can be concluded that is an all-rounder when it comes to quality of education. Student life is USA is splendid and people are very liberal and accepting of international students.

(Scholarships in the United States are available on conditional basis I.E socio economic disadvantage, athletic prowess, academic excellence)

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