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Students & Agents are excited about reopening of Australia

Excited about repening of Australia

Students & Agents are excited about reopening of Australia as the declaration by Australia that fully vaccinated students would be able to enter the country without the requirement to request for a travel exemption beginning December 1 has been greeted as a “sigh of relief” by international education agencies.

Foreign education groups have reacted positively to Australia’s announcement that fully vaccinated students would be able to enter the country without the need to acquire a travel exemption beginning December 1. This news is a huge step forward for students who have patiently waited to pursue their study abroad goals. Australia must now guarantee that those students receive adequate and timely assistance in order to return their patience and demonstrate the value of an Australian education.

This statement will have a significant impact in assisting students to return to their studies in Australia” and will help to “put Australia back on the map for foreign students.” International students are renewing their passports and preparing to return to Australia. Students who had registered and were learning online were especially anxious for the borders to open. They are thrilled and have been contacting our offices for further information on the finer specifics of how and when they may go. Counsellors and students are both waiting for precise information about each place and institution, as well as airline availability, “so that they can make their trip arrangements.” However, students and agents must reschedule their journeys to Australia one step at a time because visa processing delays are still quite unclear.

Austrade has already begun work on a number of agent interactions on the ground. There is already a student backlog and pent-up desire for Australia. However, more has to be done by the individual states and institutions to properly communicate the qualifying requirements, arrival arrangements, and measures students must follow to enter Australia and board the aircraft without incident. Currently, four of the six states have revealed their roadmaps and intentions.

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