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Study In Poland For International Students

Study In Poland For International Students

Study In Poland

If you are considering to study in Poland you are on the right track!
Poland is a central European country that has a lot to offer to international students in terms high-quality education and is a nice place to start your life. Poland is inexpensive and affordable place to live in Europe for Pakistani students. Poland offers international students to have nice atmosphere with low-cost accommodation. If you are considering to study in Poland you are on the right track!

When to Apply In Poland

In order to apply for this fall (sept-Oct) semester to study in Poland 2022. You should apply for your Poland student visa as soon as you can after receiving the university’s letter of admission, but no later than three months before the start of your course of study.

Why study in Poland for international students

There are a numbers of reason that make Poland a desirable place to international especially for Pakistani students.

  • High-quality universities

Poland is one of the top places to study in Europe, with more than 450 higher education institutions located there. Poland’s established educational system, which is always under government supervision, has a lot to offer both native and foreign students. Warsaw, the Capital of Poland has highest-ranked institution the University of Warsaw, and Warsaw University of Technology, which also features in the QS World University Rankings.

  • Affordable Tuition Fee

For students to study in Poland it is significantly less expensive for international students than studying in other parts of Europe. The cost of tuition ranges from 4,000 to 7,000 euros per year. This could result in considerable savings when compared to the typical tuition costs in private educational institutions in Germany, France, or the UK.

  • English Taught Programs

You can study in Poland in English as In order to draw international students from all over the world to Poland for study, universities offer their higher education programs in English. In order to make it easy for the students to study.

  • Study in Poland without IELTS

It is possible to pursue higher education in Poland without IELTS exam, as many universities allow foreign students to enroll without submitting a test result. However, students must also obtain an “English Proficiency Certificate” from their previous institution? university , which must explicitly state that the last degree they pursued was taught entirely in English.

  • Part-time Jobs

Poland has a strong and stable economy which has a lowest cost of living in the whole Europe. While earning their degree, foreign students are permitted to do part time jobs in Poland. Up to 20 hours of employment per week are permitted, and students may work full-time during the break between semesters. A fantastic way for students to boost their income as the minimum wage is currently $18.93 per hour and can cover living expenses tuition costs. Part time jobs in Poland for international students includes Booksellers at a bookshop, teacher assistant and many more.

Why apply with Crossroad consultants?

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