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Sweden Study Visa Requirement from Pakistan 2022

Sweden Study Visa Requirement

Sweden Is known as the best country to study abroad with high quality education for international students. Meeting the Sweden Study visa requirement can be quite easy when our best consultants helps to secure visa with hassle free process. Sweden study visa ratio is the most important point to Pakistani students before choosing the route to enroll. Crossroad consultants are have secured high Sweden study visa ratio for Pakistanis students in past years, we assure aspiring students to meet Sweden visa requirement to make their dream come true.

Sweden Study Visa Requirement for Pakistani students

Sweden has around 40 top ranked universities- globally well known universities which require good academic background and fulfilment of visa processing. As every international student must need to apply for a Sweden study visa belonging from outside EEA/EU. Students from EEA/EU do not need to apply without any requirement of a visa. Sweden has almost 40 universities and ranks globally at the top. It is known as the best country to study and work for Pakistani students 

Key Information for Sweden Visa

A standard Sweden visa remains valid for 6 months. To apply for this visa, you need to provide 2 recent, passport-size photographs. At least 14-28 days of processing are required for the visa confirmation and for applicants from Pakistan, the application fee is 60 Euros. The applicant must provide evidence of having a minimum account balance sufficient in covering the expenses of travelling and supporting the stay.

Schengen Sweden Visa:

Sweden is known as Scandinavian country which allows international students to apply for a Schengen visa to Sweden. A Schengen Visa for Sweden allows International students to travel to any of the Schengen countries with a short-stay visa valid for up to 90 days. If you are planning multiple trips over a period of six months, you are not permitted to spend more than a total of three months in the Schengen Area.

Citizens of the countries that don’t need a visa to enter the Schengen zone are however not allowed to reside in the travelling destination for the time desired without any other legal permission.

Sweden Visa Ratio in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Sweden visa ratio is relatively high than other countries of Europe due to the long procedure and documentation assessment being done prior by the universities of Sweden. as it is easy to process and a full time opportunity for Pakistani student to study and work in Sweden


With the above-mentioned details, the application procedure and acceptance will be done smoothly. However, in case of any problems or need help with some questions, visit us for free consultation to know the procedure and make your final destination of study abroad.  Moreover, our expert scholarship consultant in Karachi helps you to get what every must wants to achieve. 

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