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Average international tuition rises by 4.9% in Canada

Tuition Rises

In 2021/22, the average international tuition cost paid by international students for undergraduate courses at Canadian higher education institutions increased by 4.9 percent.

The average foreign undergraduate tuition cost is now $33,623, up 7.1 percent from the previous academic year, according to Statistics Canada. International students often pay three times as much as Canadian students.
Tuition expenses, on the other hand, have not increased uniformly across the country. International undergraduate tuition costs in Newfoundland and Labrador, for example, have not increased, but increases in the other nine provinces varied from 1.4 percent in Prince Edward Island to 9.0 percent in British Columbia.
In the most recent academic year, the national average price increase for graduate programme foreign students was 3.6 percent, rising to $20,120.

Fees did not increase in Newfoundland and Labrador, although they did increase by 16 percent in Saskatchewan.

According to the Financial Information of Universities and Colleges study, tuition and other fees accounted for $12.7 billion of the $40.2 billion in income obtained by schools in 2019/2020. Tuition and fee revenue increased by $476.1 million over the previous year.
According to Statistics Canada, the increase is in part owing to an increase in the number of overseas students attending Canadian institutions and the higher tuition costs they pay.  At the same time, provincial government support has decreased.

In the previous five years, almost one-third of overseas students enrolled in business, management, and public administration, spending an average of $32,460 in tuition fees in 2021/22, according to Statistics Canada. Since 2016, almost two-thirds of international students have become undergraduates.

While slightly more than 12% of international undergraduate students were enrolled full-time in engineering – paying an average tuition cost of $37,377 in 2021/2022 – just 0.4 percent of international students were enrolled in professional degree programmes.

International students’ average tuition expenses in these disciplines range from $38,110 for law to $66,503 for veterinary medicine.

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