5 Best Countries to study abroad for Pakistani students

5 best countries to study abroad

There are 5 best countries to study abroad pursuing your higher degree in all top ranked universities in terms of career opportunities and learning experience. Top ranked universities offer a number of scholarships for Pakistani students to get the best accommodation and desired course for postgraduate or doctoral degrees. Those who want to study abroad are initially required to appear in Ielts which is the compulsory part for visa process however many universities in Europe have offered students to study abroad without IELTS if they are meeting the other academic requirements.

Here is the benefits of 5 best countries to study abroad for Pakistani students for all bachelors or masters programs. 

Study in Australia:

Pakistan students are attracted by the flexibility by the Australian Educational System, which has 12 levels of qualifications across three educational sectors- school, University and vocational educational and training programs. Students graduating from Australia are able to get lucrative jobs and ready acceptance in other universities for further studies. English as the major language of conversation, moderate tuition fees and living costs, and excellent weather conditions are some of the major attractions which pull international students to this country and make Australia one of the top study abroad destinations for Indian students as well.  

Study in Uk:

There are plenty of reasons to study in the UK and knowingly it is the best country to study because of the high quality education and recognized degree as it offers many opportunities to the students especially in the field of science and technology.  International Students will have the chance to enjoy lots of hands-on learning even during undergraduate study. These opportunities could include research, clinicals, and field work, and your professors will mentor you along the way to ensure you’re gaining the skills you need.

Study in Germany:

Germany is well known for its public universities as it offers free education for international students to study there. However some of the top ranked universities of Germany also charge fees which are lower as compared to other top universities of Europe therefore Germany is always on top of the Pakistani students to study in Germany with higher study visa ratio. There are a number of best educational consultants in Karachi to help Pakistani students.

The cost of living for international students in Germany has become quite affordable. Rent being the major financial concern, finding an apartment/room in peripheral areas, and sharing it can cut half of the expenses. Another benefit of studying in Germany is that there is no language barrier in Germany. In Pakistan, the official language is English. The same is the case with Germany. So, it is easier for students to study and work in Germany.

Study in Sweden:

Sweden is known as the best country for international students to study and work, in terms of affordable study structure and higher employment rate leads international students to get the benefits to settle in Sweden. International students are offered number of scholarships to study in Sweden. The list shows a number of international students coming to Sweden, Pakistan ranks in 3rd place. Some benefits of studying in Sweden include;

  • The scholarships offered by Sweden are numerous and you may find a degree that suits your interest with low tuition fees and international exposure.
  • Many innovative scholarships in different fields are provided by Sweden including the areas of IT, biodiversity, solar energy, engineering, tourism, etc. Here are the Top 10 Universities to Study in Sweden for Pakistanis

Study in Italy

One of the major reasons to study in Italy is that the institute rewards globally recognized degrees for all the students studying there. It is considered as the most affordable destination in Europe for international students with the chances of fully funded scholarship without Ielts. Other than free education, Italy seems to cover all including free online learning platforms, stunning history, academic tradition, and innovative research and knowledge.


There are a lot of opportunities to look for when it comes to scholarships for Pakistani students in foreign universities but the main task is to choose the better one among all, therefore our educational consultants will guide with your suitable option so get it started with the free consultation ASAP. The norm of winning such scholarships is increasing day by day among the Pakistani youth, and it should be encouraged.

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