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7 best reasons to study in Norway

Reasons to study in Norway

The Norwegian student experience is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling in the world. Following are the few reasons to study in Norway. The cities are trendy, and the natural scenery is breathtaking. Whether you study in the city or out in the country, you will discover a friendly community with decent living circumstances and fascinating work prospects to put your new talents to the test. And, best of all, the majority of Norway’s higher education is free. Continue reading to learn more about what makes a Norwegian degree so enticing – as well as a few things to think about to help you make the best decision to study abroad.

No Language Barriers

Most important reason to study in Norway is they speak English very well. If you ask someone in Norway if they speak English, they may give you a puzzled look before responding, “Of course!” The majority of Norwegians, particularly younger generations, speak proficient English, and the country has climbed to third position on the EF English Proficiency Index.

Learning Norwegian is, of course, beneficial, especially if you want to work in Norway or mingle with Norwegians. Fortunately, the language is extremely simple to learn, especially if English or another Germanic language is your first language.

Secure Place

One more reason to study in Norway is Norway has a low crime rate. Extremely low. Despite the huge demographic disparity, the United States has 10 times the number of prisons and eight times the number of murders every year. The causes are numerous, but they can all be traced back to the point where culture and politics collide: Norway is governed by a social democracy.

Norway is a rich country— is far more equitable than other countries. More crucially, because social responsibility is a group obligation, many individuals see a crime as a communal obligation rather than an individual failure. The goal is to rehabilitate rather than punish convicts, yet the nature of such rehabilitation can be disputed, even among Norway’s generous citizens. In other words, your days as a student in Norway are unlikely to be marred by crime or police harassment.

Amazing Nature

Nature of Norway

Norway’s natural environment is nothing short of magnificent, from crystal-clear fjords to ice peaks to the Northern Lights. With a population of only 5.4 million people, there is always space to explore and air to breathe, which is why city dwellers go to cottages and ski slopes on weekends. Cross-country skiing is a national sport that incorporates fitness, thrills, and sightseeing into one package. Study in Norway can be beneficial for you as Norway has earned a reputation for its forward-thinking environmental policies.

The country is a world pioneer in the usage of electric vehicles, with hydropower providing more than 95 percent of the country’s electricity. Many corporations and colleges uphold outstanding sustainability values. However, most of this beneficial work just mitigates the negative environmental impact of the country’s oil, gas, and fishing sectors, so graduate engineers and entrepreneurs still face several hurdles.

Free Education

Another advantage to study in Norway is that most higher education institutions are funded by the Ministry of Education and Research. Unless they attend a private institution, students, including international students, are not required to pay tuition. Even so, the costs are cheap, and you won’t pay any extra if you arrive from another country. You’ll have to pay a charge to the student union each semester to cover access to specific facilities (about the cost of a textbook), but it’s little compared to standard tuition rates.

If you are on a tight budget, consider whether you would gain more from studying in a nation with higher tuition and a lower cost of living, or whether you believe you can control your spending and enjoy the benefits to study in Norway

Many Startups

Norwegians have an European love of design, which involves discovering technical solutions that make life easier. Oslo is seen as a significant European location for start-ups by innovators. Norwegians are seeking for a better way to accomplish almost everything, from fingerprinting to solar panels, and they’re raising millions of krone to figure out how. Because of this diversity of ideas, you don’t have to be interested in business or technology to find an interesting position at a Norwegian start-up; whatever your area of expertise, you should be able to find a Norwegian firm that values what you have to offer.

Good Reviews from International Students

It’s only natural that the world’s happiest place has cheerful overseas students. Norway offers a great allure to foreign students, with top-notch colleges and cosmopolitan city life. It was ranked first in foreign student satisfaction in 2016. What is it about students that makes them so happy while they study in Norway? English courses are available. A wide range of courses, degrees, and disciplines of study are available. Locals are friendly. Scenes of vibrant art. Scenes with lots of music Exceptional beauty, as well as local culture and food. Transportation is simple. The crime rate is low.

Friendly Locals

The people of Norway are sorted, accepting of visitors, and kind. Norway is one of the five most tolerant countries in the world, according to the UCLA School of Law Williams Institute. For immigrants who are used to waving hello to their neighbors and making small chat with strangers, the Nordic tradition of ‘keeping yourself to yourself’ might take some getting used to. When you get to know any Norwegians, you’ll see that they have a sharp sense of humor, as well as the aforementioned caring sense of communal welfare.

These are some of the best reasons that’s why we recommend you to study in Norway and these might entice you to go to any abroad country in near future

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