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Benefits to Study in Uk

Study in UK

Arguably the best location in the world for international students, there are a plenty of reasons to study in UK as studying in Uk is the full package. having best Uk universities in the QS ranking, meaning they are excellent in all domains such as teaching, sports, and cultural diversity. Moreover, the United Kingdom has great scenic beauty and is a very famous destination for tourists.

Study abroad can be a dilemma for most people yet the advantages that come along with it surely outweigh other factors.

Study in UK with significant advatages for every international student. 

World-Class Education

United Kingdom’s universities have been the benchmark of higher education for the past few hundred years. The United Kingdom is just behind the United States of America, having the second largest population of international students. Nearly half a million students are currently studying in Uk as per the pie news. The graduate employability of students passing out from Uk universities is very high.  

Cultural Diversity

The United Kingdom has a very diverse population and Pakistan is the second largest ethnic group over there with 1.1 million, which covers 2% of the population according to the BBC. Universities in the Uk offer a plethora of activities such as debating competitions, sports, tours, and many other things during these activities you can instantly make new friends. It is scientifically proven that people bond over efforts made at a common goal. Most UK universities have a Pakistan Student Association that hosts many events relating to our culture where students from Pakistan can have a good time, these events include cricket matches, Eid celebrations, drama skits originating from the subcontinent, etc. Moreover, it’s very beneficial to have friends from all over the world as it shows you how different their culture is and it expands your understanding of life itself.

Multilinguistic Nation:

Pakistani Students will find it very simple to navigate in Uk as English is the most spoken language, however, the accent there can be challenging for some yet with time you would be able to get a hangover, however, watching English shows might go along for you. The high population of international students shows that Brits welcome international students with open arms.

Flexible University Options

Universities in the UK have all kinds of course options, yet the best courses to study in Uk are Business related but they also have pride in other fields whether one wants to study law in Uk or Nursing Study in Uk offering a scholarship to high achieving students. Moreover, it is important to decide the city and specific university you plan to study; however, one student can change their program and university if he or she wishes to do so within a particular phase of the year yet it is advisable that you make a thoughtful decision before enrolling in your course and university and changing universities is not an easy task. Furthermore, some universities provide vocational training programs and even language courses that suit your special needs.

Working as a Student

As a student you can work part-time 20 hours a week during your study period, moreover, during vacations, you can work full time. Students in Uk can choose from a variety of different occupations such as delivery drivers, gardeners, personal assistants, receptionists, and many other options. Working students are bound to pay taxes and National Insurance like other workers. Most Universities in Uk provide sandwich programs that include one-year job placement within the undergraduate degree, so if your degree was three years long its length would increase to four years.

Requirements in Uk for Pakistani Students

Every university has its benchmark for its prospectus student however generally universities require A levels/inter for the undergraduate degree and a bachelor’s degree for a postgraduate degree. Most top-tier Universities require IELTS at Bachelor’s level yet some numbers of universities allow international students to study in Uk without IELTS. Though, some find it comparatively easy requirements to study in Uk for international students  

Cost of Living

The Cost of Studying in the Uk will be around 13000 GBP, this amount can be higher or lower depending on your preferable university and course, furthermore, universities in Uk for master’s and bachelors’ programs provide Scholarships for high achieving students. The majority of your budget would be allocated towards rent and groceries, on average your monthly cost of living would be close to 800 GBP per month. International students can work pastime and take of their personal and living expenses.

Affordable Universities in Uk

  • Staffordshire University
  • Teesside University
  • Harper Adams University College
  • Leeds Trinity University
  • University of Cumbria
  • University College Birmingham
  • York St John University
  • Coventry University
  • University of Bolton
  • Buckinghamshire New University

Believing the fact, there are many reasons to study in the UK, as its universities are top-ranked, and the cities over there are beautiful beyond belief. Moreover, the infrastructure in many cities emotes a sense of prestigiousness and is of great cultural significance. Students from all over the world come to Uk’s universities and add to the diversity of the population. It couldn’t be more stressed that Uk is a great destination for the youth of Pakistan to get a world-class education 

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