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Life in Turkey for international students


Life in turkey for international students is interesting as it gives a blend of academic experience and amazing student life with the bunch of curriculum activities and friend circle with diversified culture. Life in Turkey gives a holistic economic, social, sporting and entertainment environment that is not only safe but affordable which also allow Pakistani students to live comfortably and flourish in their studies. Study in turkey is a dream come to many students who wish to settle and work abroad.

Turkey has several tourist sites and destinations to which students can gladly visit and get side down fun time. Students’ often can easily secure part-time jobs in turkey to help them out in studies and able to supplement their funds and help meet their day to day needs. However universities of turkey facilitate students with state dormitory and university dormitory monthly fees for dormitories operated by KYK range from 215 TL to 340 TL for 2020. Fees of the university dormitories vary according to each university and physical characteristics of the room being accommodated. There also many private dormitories which are mostly higher than the state dormitories (for example, newer and varied furniture), but their fees are higher.

Reasons why student life in Turkey for international students is awesome!

  • Affordable accommodation and reasonable in comparison to regional prices i.e. food, accommodation, transport, going out.
  • Multicultural environment
  • Safe and peaceful country
  • Amazing natural scenes or leisure beaches and mountains
  • Vibrant and active nightlife for students to enjoy themselves.
  • The possibility of combining study and work by joining work in the private sector.

Turkey provides students an opportunity to attain the highest level of quality degrees at relatively low cost in comparison to European. Public universities are literally close to free, while private Universities are very much within reach.  

It is one of the best countries to study abroad as it encourage students to study in turkey, universities offer numbers of scholarships and provide working hours in turkey during studies. It also allows to study in turkey without Ielts.  

Best cities to study and live in Turkey for international students

There are famous cities which facilitate international students to study in turkey in English programs and learn Turkish gradually for the better experience.

Istanbul: The state of Istanbul embraces the largest number of residents in Turkey and receives a huge turnout from foreign students in the first place. The number of universities in Istanbul reached 58 universities, 13 of them are public universities, and 45 are private universities, in addition to many high schools and institutes.

Ankara: Ankara, is the second best option to study in Turkey, as it is one of the best cities in Turkey for students. It provides the best ingredients necessary for students to pursue their educational attainment, and it owns approximately 19 public and private universities, which means the multiplicity of colleges and institutes and a large number of university specializations in undergraduate and graduate studies, and its distinction in the engineering fields in most of its universities.

Izmir: Education experts in the Aldirasa platform rank Izmir in the third place among the best cities to study in Turkey, as it is one of the most famous student cities in Turkey, and is mostly considered as cheap living costs compared to Istanbul, and easy access to universities thanks to the development of the transportation network in it.

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