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Study Mbbs in Italy

Study Mbbs in Italy

Currently, most of the students wish to Study mbbs in Italy which is one of the best countries to study abroad. Italian universities offer high quality education with the chance to study in Italy with scholarships. It is known as a hub of top ranked universities as most of its universities showed up in QS world ranking 2023. There are also top ranked mbbs colleges in Italy to start career.

Duration of MBBS is 6 years of all medical field programs whether students study in human science, medicine or any other specific program. Italian medical universities are top destinations for European and non-European international students with respect to diversity, affordability, prestige, excellence, and top-quality education throughout the world. Approximately 12 public universities are providing MD equivalent to MBBS in Italy. The medical institutions of Italy have been offering Medicine courses in English medium since 2009.

To make it an easy decision for Pakistani students, here are some key points why they should study MBBS in Italy.

  • A wide range of opportunities and clinical exposure is provided
  • The medical universities in Italy offer up to 100% scholarships to European and non-European international students.
  • MBBS in Italy is relatively cheaper than in other European countries.
  • MBBS courses are mostly taught in the English language in Italy.
  • Low tuition fee to study in Italy
  • Students will get an opportunity for multispecialty medical clinics.
  • Practice their field in leading government medical clinics.

Advantages of study MBBS in Italy

Studying Medicine in Italy is a decent choice since it has many top Medical colleges recognized globally, including WHO, MCI, and across the European Union. The MBBS colleges in Italy have a widely acclaimed institution combined with a simple admission procedure and highly qualified staff. Besides this, Italy has lower educational expenses when compared with the USA and UK, and also it offers fully funded scholarship for Pakistani students to study in Italy. Henceforth, it is beneficial for international students to study and settles in Italy after securing their higher degree and related work experience.  It is considered to be a decent decision for studying MBBS for Pakistani students in Italy.

Affiliation of Italian Medical universities

Italian medical universities are affiliated with

  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC)
  • Ministry Of Education, Italy

Italy Study Visa Requirement for Pakistani Student

The major requirement for an Italian student visa is to appear with an Acceptance letter of university and submission of educational documents along with the candidate’s pictures and IELTS certificate are required to be submitted by Pakistani/ non-European students to secure a study visa to study mbbs in Italy and other programs.

Cost Of study MBBs in Italy:

The average tuition fee is around 1200 Euros per year and total living expenses can be as low as 600 Euros per month including accommodation. However students can also apply for a scholarship to study MBBS in Italy by submitting an online form issued by a particular university or through educational consultants of Italy. 

During the MBBS program, students get a wide concept and information about the medical field and life science. Throughout this whole program, students get to seek knowledge about medical theories, practical knowledge, and clinical skills. These skills and knowledge are important to provide healthcare treatment, diagnose and prevent diseases. After MBBS in Italy they have to complete a 1 year internship in Pakistan and clear the NLE test to practice in Pakistan.

If you are still thinking to apply for medical programs in Italy then book your appointment to get free assistance from best educational consultants in Karachi to study in Italy with the hassle-free application process in top universities of Italy securing Italy study visa easily.

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