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Challenges of studying abroad for Pakistani students

Challenges of studying abroad for Pakistani students

Millions of students hope to travel overseas on a student visa to further their education and faces challenges of studying abroad for Pakistani students. Only a select handful of them, nevertheless, are fortunate enough to be accepted and granted a student visa. While we sometimes take things for granted in our own nation, moving to another country has its own unique set of difficulties. Numerous Pakistani students successfully seek for student visas each year. They apply for a wide variety of regions, hence their issues are varied.

They frequently run into issues with the weather, people, culture, food, and religion. Although a foreign country may appear to have a perfect outlook, there are certain underlying issues that the students should be aware of. Before choosing to study abroad, do consider Challenges of studying abroad for Pakistani students that can include high expectations, homesickness, a chance of facing racism, and language barriers.

Major Challenges of studying abroad for Pakistani students

Home Sickness

Even if you try to hide it, Challenges of studying abroad for Pakistani students you is they will miss their family and friends. A sorrow over your loved ones that you will never, ever overcome. While moving alone to a foreign country can be thrilling, it can also be difficult. Being abroad can make you homesick because you don’t know the locals, speak the language, or comprehend the surroundings. You’ll begin to miss your parents’ nags, your siblings’ complaints, and even the shop you hated going to around the corner.

Don’t worry though; when you move away from home, it’s perfectly normal to miss it. To assist you adjust to the new environment, don’t let yourself become too engrossed in it and give yourself permission to do new things and engage with people as much as you can.

Language Disparity

Don’t state that you’re IELTS score was 7 Bands. In Pakistan, speaking and understanding English is not a habit that we have developed over time. Therefore, despite knowing complex and large English words, we could become lost while shopping for vegetables. Also, as Urdu is Pakistan’s primary language of communication, expressing opinions and thoughts clearly in English is not an easy task for us. Challenges of studying abroad for Pakistani students is language barrier.

A weak support system

Biggest Challenges of studying abroad for Pakistani students is that Pakistan is a blessing if you require assistance. You always have your parents, siblings, yar dost, jigri dost, dost key dost, and a whole host of other people who are willing to lend a hand if you ever need it. We are quite kind about it. But when you travel abroad, forget this. You must rely solely on yourself. You need to understand that the only person you can rely on is yourself and one else.

Financial and academic pressure

Most Pakistani students who pursue higher education come from middle class backgrounds. When studying abroad, they must balance many competing interests. On the one hand, students must watch their grades, but on the other, they occasionally need to work part time to cover their bills. Their lives were severely impacted by this. Additionally, as family expectations increase over time, it puts a lot of pressure on students. However, they are a lot of financial aids, grants and scholarship options available. To know more about this Free consultation

Financial Issue

Since you are studying overseas, you must be employed there as well. Sometimes students who are studying abroad are unable to find employment or a job opportunity. As a result, their financial situation is their largest challenge.

Time Zone Difference

You see a time gap between your current location and your hometown. This seriously disrupts your schedule. time zones can be challenges of studying abroad for Pakistani students.

Away from the Supporting Network

Living abroad is fantastic, but only if you are enjoying your lifestyle. “The life is a series of unforeseen events,” and if you find yourself in a difficult situation and are separated from your support system, it can be quite difficult to receive help.

Leading a Life of Independence

It’s fantastic to hear that you’re living independently while overseas. However, Challenges of studying abroad for Pakistani students are of living alone, such as cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, shopping, and other associated tasks, it starts to sound absolutely ludicrous.

You’re an Outsider

A ridiculous emotion always serves as a reminder that you are not a citizen of this nation. Challenges of studying abroad for Pakistani students despite being surrounded by many people, your lifestyle is distinct from theirs. You feel incredibly unhappy and depressed as a result of this.

Problem with accommodations

One of the major issues you’ll encounter while living abroad is housing. It is a fundamental need shared by all people. In foreign cities, apartments are expensive to rent. Biggest Challenges of studying abroad for Pakistani students.

Financial and Academic Pressure

Most Pakistanis with student visas come from middle-class backgrounds. They must work part-time jobs in addition to maintaining decent grades in order to cover their living expenses. This puts them under a lot of pressure. Challenges of studying abroad for Pakistani students is to maintain a balance between the two needs. These were some of the typical problems our students ran through. Please feel free to share any personal experiences you may have in the comments area. It would be of tremendous assistance to current students who are travelling overseas on student visas.

Cultural shock

Moving overseas is sometimes plagued by cultural shock. It is the result of leaving a familiar environment and entering one where you are unfamiliar with the social roles of those around you as well as the guidelines for what is and isn’t acceptable behavior. Different methods of keeping track of time are used in many European nations, such as siestas in Spain. People’s beliefs can also be very dissimilar from your own, thus behaviors that may have been accepted in one setting may be viewed as disrespectful or improper in another. Additionally, loneliness, stress, and other mental and physical changes might result from cultural shock are all Challenges of studying abroad for Pakistani students.

Making a friend and communicating

Making friends is the most natural thing in the world when you’re a child. You can approach someone, strike up a conversation, and suddenly you have a friend. But as an adult, you have too much anxiety, social awkwardness, and rejection dread to put yourself out there and expose yourself to risk. However, there are techniques to combat this. Simply be yourself, avoid modifying your actions or beliefs to meet the expectations of others, and make an effort to socialize as often as you can. Eat lunch in the cafeteria and try to talk to people there. When people talk to you, be friendly.

Important Tip

Early applying in university can save you from the hustle of having application and visa problems and you would have more time to strategize your journey. With a clear plan and objectives, you would have more confidence and can overcome these problems.

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