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South Australia is considering opening borders for International Students

South Australia borders open

According to Australian media reports, a new proposal to allow overseas students to return to South Australia has been approved by SA Health and is now being reviewed by the federal government. Students are finding this as a great news since they can go to Australia for study soon as Australia is opening borders to international students

Under the proposal, 160 students would be brought in at a time and quarantined for two weeks at Parafield Airport in Salisbury’s northwestern outskirts.
According to an authentic report, the state government’s chief public health officer, Nicola Spurrier, authorised the foreign student arrival plan since it passed all of the federal government’s regulations and standards.

Since last year’s border closure, international students have been unable to come to Australia, resulting in huge overall decrease in enrolments in the country.

The submission of the state’s plan is the first milestone that must be met before the first students are allowed to return. We anticipate students returning in the second half of 2021, pending the federal government’s response to the proposal and the implementation of the next stages.

However, it is unclear how long students will be willing to wait for border crossings to reopen.

In the year leading up to March 2021, the number of international student commencements declined by 31%, while the number of enrolments declined by 17%, according to official data. This year, Australia had a total of 207,773 fewer overseas enrolments across all sectors.

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