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Why Study In Scotland

Study in Scotland

Scotland has had a huge effect on the present world for such a little country. So why study in Scotland? Scottish inventors were instrumental in the development of technology that fueled the industrial revolution, and its thinkers shaped some of our most cherished political principles, such as democracy, free speech, and equality. Scotland is still a center for academic study and innovation hundreds of years later. It is a bright spot in the fields of medicine, aeronautics, and computers. Scotland has become a more attractive destination for international students, particularly those engaged in postgraduate research, as a result of this. International students account for 58 percent of full-time master’s and PhD students in Scottish institutions.

Educational Excellence

Scotland’s education is known across the world for its excellent standards. For more than 500 years, Scots have put a high value on education; Scotland was the first country in the world to offer universal schooling and one of the first European countries to develop a quality certification system for its educational institutions. There are many reasons to study in Scotland, including the fact that our education system encourages skills that are relevant, marketable, and sought after by today’s top employers. With an emphasis on proactive independent thinking and close links with leading companies, there are many reasons to study in Scotland.

World-class universities

Scotland has four institutions in the Times Higher Education World Rankings for 2020, which is a remarkable achievement for a country with a population of fewer than 5.5 million people. The University of Edinburgh came out on top, followed by the University of Glasgow. The University of Aberdeen and the University of St Andrews finished in second and third, respectively, with rankings of 178th and 199th. These institutions have produced more than a dozen Nobel Laureates and have influenced the intellectual growth of some of Scotland’s finest minds, including Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, and philosopher David Hulme.

Better in Research

Scotland’s universities provide a large quantity of cutting-edge research. Professors and graduate students at the University of St Andrews, for example, are investigating how UVC illumination might help prevent the spread of airborne illnesses like TB and influenza. Meanwhile, a team of 150 researchers from the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Inflammation Research is putting investigational medications to the test to cure COVID-19’s long and short-term impacts. Professor Christine Edwards of the Robert Gordon University (RGU) School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences is the next person on the list. She was just given nearly £2 million in funds to help impoverished countries in Southeast Asia have safe drinking water.

Variety of Courses

Around 4,500 undergraduate and postgraduate programs in more than 150 academic disciplines are available in Scottish universities and higher education institutes. They also offer a variety of research-based programmes, both on campus and online, in which you can pursue a degree in disciplines such as  History, Law, Business etc.

Furthermore, because one teaching process does not fit everyone, Scotland’s universities use a variety of methods to their courses, resulting in no two educational opportunities being alike. That might be one of the most crucial factors to consider while selecting the best course for you.

Super Friendly Environment

It is no fiction that Scotland is recognised for its kindness. While you may hear reports of violence at football events, these incidents are exaggerated, and Scotland is a welcome and safe location to study. Scottish people are eager to assist visitors, providing a warm welcome and recommendations for the best places to dine and drink in town.
In Scotland’s universities, at least 21% of students are from outside the country, including more than 11% from the Europe. That means you won’t be alone in being unfamiliar with your surroundings, regardless of where you’re from. There are also several associations for students from and outside of Scotland to mingle and get to know the nation to assist you in settling here.

Scholarships Opportunities

The cost of tuition in Scotland ranges from roughly 1,000 GBP to over 17,000 GBP every academic year.

Fortunately, as long as you complete the admission requirements, you may apply for scholarships to help fund your education. The websites of institutions frequently provide information about funding and scholarships.

Strongly Recommended By Foreign Students

According to a Scottish government poll, 94 percent of overseas students in Scotland think it’s a good place to be and recommend other students to come to Scottish universities to study, and 86 percent of Scottish students think it’s a good place to be. Universities in Scotland must be doing something right!

Cheapest University

Scottish universities are the cheapest to attend in the UK, according to The Independent and other figures, at least in terms of living costs.

Students can live well on a budget of 700 to 1,100 GBP per month. Cities such as Glasgow can be more expensive, although total expenses are mostly determined by your lifestyle and the sort of lodging you choose.

Begin your search for a suitable Master’s degree in Scotland and get ready for a fantastic study abroad experience!

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