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Best 5 Reasons to Study in Finland

Study In Finland

Finland is one of the world’s most northern countries, and study in Finland is one of the greatest experience a student can have, while it may be off the usual path, this Nordic country is far from isolated. In terms of education, government openness, stability, and saunas, Finland is at the top of the world. But what makes Finland such a great place to study for overseas students?

Look no farther than Finland if you want to acquire a world-class education, immerse yourself in the Nordic culture, and study in the world’s happiest country! Continue reading to find out why Finland is one of the finest destinations to study abroad.

1. Top-Class Education

With one of the world’s greatest education systems, it’s no surprise that over 14,000 international students have already picked to study in Finland as their destination abroad. Study in Finland continues to outperform the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand in math, science, and reading, and Finnish universities are now in the top 3% of institutions worldwide. Finnish schools attempt to prepare pupils for the real world and equip them with the tools they need to live a fulfilling life beginning in early childhood. Students are taught using a multi-disciplinary approach that incorporates self-study, problem-solving, and self-development, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience from preschool to university.

2. Affordable Tuition Fees

While tuition at Finnish institutions is free for students from Finland and other EU nations, overseas students who want to study in Finland pay between €6,000 and €16,000 per year in tuition fees.

In Finland, however, there is no scarcity of educational funding opportunities. institutes provide Finland scholarships to Pakistani students to cover their study program and accommodations, which are awarded mostly on the basis of academic achievement. Some colleges may provide a fully funded scholarship to study in Finland, although scholarships that provide a percentage discount on tuition prices are more prevalent.

3. High Standard of Living

Finland offers students and families a good standard of living throughout the country. Not only are the Finnish education and healthcare systems world-class, but the cost of living is also affordable for most students, thanks to numerous student discounts on food and transportation around the country.

Work-life balance is also a key component of Finnish culture. Work, study in Finland, and vacation are all given equal weight, so employees and students are free to enjoy the results of their labour, kick back, and relax with their families and friends during their free time.

4. Beauty of Finland

With the exception of a few islands off Finland’s southernmost coast, the whole country is above the 60th parallel. Finland’s geographical location, as well as its magnificent nature, making it an ideal study and exploration destination for students. In the summer, when the sun never sets, head north and trek around one of Finland’s 168,000 lakes. Finland transforms into a winter paradise in the winter, with cross-country ski paths running through Helsinki’s central park and the northern lights dancing across the sky.

5. Pathways to Permanent Residency

One of the top reasons to study in Finland is the strong culture and better climate over there. Finland granted a 1-year post-study visa to cover your stay while you search for a job. Once you obtain full-time employment, you can go ahead and apply for a work-based residence permit. And work-based residence permits are a foot in the door towards permanent residency — after you’ve worked in Finland for four consecutive years, you’ll become eligible for a permanent residence permit.

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